Aktuelles | Call for papers

Deadline: 15. September 2020

International Musicological Society (IMS)
PO Box 1561, 4001 Basel, Switzerland
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Acta Musicologica: Call for Editors

In August 2022 Philip V. Bohlman and Federico Celestini will complete their terms as editors of the semiannually published, peer-reviewed journal, Acta Musicologica. The International Musicological Society (IMS) therefore seeks applications for a new editorial team to be appointed for five years with a possible extension of a further five years. For more information about the journal’s profile, see https://acta.musicology.org.

Editorial Team
The editorial team of Acta should continue the tradition of promoting rigorous standards in publishing and attracting top-quality research of interest to all the subfields intersecting with musicological research. The editors will be responsible for the structure, content, and quality of the journal. Together with the IMS Bureau they will also be in charge of selecting an editorial board. Proposals by individuals or by teams of two or three editors are accepted. In the case of team proposals, each person should also indicate if they wish to be considered on an individual basis as well. The editorial team should mirror the international breadth and methodological diversity supported by the IMS. The positions are honorary; however, the editorial team will receive a lump sum of CHF 3,000.00 per year, which is to be divided equally among the editors.

Eligibility Criteria
1. Comprehensive vision for the journal. Proposals should spell out a clear and compelling vision for the journal, including a statement about how the editor(s) would develop the journal’s digital version and future online presence.

2. Demonstrated breadth and balance across the subfields of musicology. It is essential that the journal represent breadth and balance in the broad field of musicological research. The IMS also hopes to see evidence of methodological pluralism and interdisciplinary work, sustained intellectual balance and judiciousness, and an active interest in tolerating and learning from approaches different from their own.

3. Editorial and administrative experience. The editorial team should be familiar with the highest standards of scholarly assessment and publication, whether as authors/editors of refereed journals and books, and/or as members of editorial boards. Editors should have administrative experience that demonstrates appropriate levels of management, organizational, and communication skills.

Additional Materials
Proposals should include a brief biographical summary and a full CV for each applicant as well as for each member of a team application.

Selection Process and Deadline for Submissions
The IMS seeks a diverse pool of applicants and encourages applications from its members throughout the world. The editorial team will be nominated by the IMS Bureau and appointed by the IMS Directorium. The IMS expects to announce the designation of the new editorial team by August 2021, to be appointed in August 2022 during the Quinquennial IMS Congress in Athens. Please send your application(s) via email to Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo.. The deadline is September 15, 2020.

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