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12. - 14. Juni 2020

1st International e-Symposium
Thessaloniki 12th-14th June 2020

You can download the programme as PDF here.

You can download the guidelines for preparing your presentation and participating in the e-symposium as PDF here.


22. - 24. Oktober 2020

XV International Conference of the Department of Musicology,
University of Arts in Belgrade, Faculty of Music
Belgrade, 22 to 24 October 2020

The Department of Musicology of the Faculty of Music, University of Arts in Belgrade, is pleased to announce its Fifteenth International Conference on the topic Music–Musicology–Interpretation.
The subject of the conference Music-Musicology-Interpretation focuses on the complex and multifaceted relationships between the constituent concepts. It proposes to re-examine these multiple relations by thematizing, from the point of view of interpretation, music as language, discourse, work of art and text, the performance of music and the discourse on music – musicology itself.
Musical hermeneutics as a discipline is today the focus of musicological interest. During the last three decades of the 20th century, it developed in parallel with research into musical semiotics and, as the influence of “pure” structural analysis was waning, it became an important current of thought about music at the beginning of the 21st century. Its renewal in relation to the legacy of the 19th century was partly due to interpretive criticism in Anglo-Saxon literature but also to the works of Carl Dahlhaus in the 1970s and 1980s. Next come researchers into hermeneutics and interpretive criticism and analysis, each with a different orientation in their individual pathways and objects of study, most of whom are still active today: Joseph Kerman, Nicholas Cook, Leo Treitler, Lawrence Kramer, Robert Hatten, Eero Tarasti, Jean-Jacques Nattiez, Michel Imberty, Bernard Vecchione, Christian Hauer, Makis Solomos...
In his Peri Hermeneias, Aristotle established an equality between “sounds emitted by the voice” and symbolic language, that is, meaningful language: “The sounds emitted by the voice are the symbols of the states of the soul, and the written words the symbols of words emitted by the voice” (Peri Hermeneias, 1 / 16a /). Being symbolic, signifying language is thus equated with interpretive language, mediating the relation of the transmitter “of the voice” to the things of the world, with the written language then constituted as a double mediation: of the spoken language and the things themselves. This chain of consecutive “interpretations-appropriations” (Ricoeur, From Text to Action, 1986) thus recalls a chain of musical interpretations: the things of the world (the world of life, being-in-the-world) – the music (discourse, work of art, text) – the performance of music – the discourse on music, projecting, through the hermeneutical arc, into a new being-in-the-world, as an understanding of oneself in front of signs (Ricoeur, ibid). Leer más...

15. - 18. September 2020

Einladung zur IAML Deutschland-Jahrestagung in Bonn, 15.-18. September 2020

Zu ihrer Jahrestagung vom 15. bis 18. September 2020 lädt die IAML-Ländergruppe Deutschland in die Beethoven-Stadt Bonn ein. Gastgeberin ist die Bibliothek des Beethoven-Hauses, weitere beteiligte Institutionen sind die Universitäts- und Landesbibliothek und die Städtische Musikbibliothek im Schumannhaus.

Etwa 200 Bibliothekar*innen aus Öffentlichen Musikbibliotheken, Musikhochschulbibliotheken, Rundfunk- und Orchesterbibliotheken und Musikabteilungen wissenschaftlicher Bibliotheken treffen sich zum Austausch über neue fachliche Standards, neu erforschte Musikquellen und aktuelle Entwicklungen des Musikmedien- und Musikinformationsmanagements, zur Fortbildung in Projektmanagement und Katalogisierung und zur Diskussion über neue Herausforderungen in musikbibliothekarischen Arbeitsfeldern. Das aktuelle Tagungsprogramm ist auf der Website der IAML-Ländergruppe Deutschland und des Beethoven-Hauses abrufbar.

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