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28. - 29. Juni 2019

Competitions in Nineteenth-Century Music Culture
International and interdisciplinary Conference
Universität zu Köln, 28.-29.06.2019
Organization: Dr. Carola Bebermeier, Clemens Kreutzfeldt, Christoph Müller-Oberhäuser, Dr. Jonas Traudes
Funded by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) and RheinEnergie Stiftung
Musical competitions like the Eurovision Song Contest, the Grammy Awards or the Pulitzer Prize for Music are not just a focal phenomenon of contemporary musical life. As early as the 19th century, competitions in the musical field were a widespread practice and received increased attention by the public. A glimpse into this time period reveals a heterogeneous landscape of music-related competitions and similar rivalries, which may refer to compositions, performances, instrument-making, libretti, poetry, musicological writing, etc. Although competitions were omnipresent in 19th century musical life, they did not – with a few exceptions like the Prix de Rome – inscribe themselves into cultural memory, and they have likewise scarcely been of a scholarly focus. The conference intends to address the diverse aesthetic discourses, social settings, as well as the actors and their economic, ideological or social motives
involved in music competitions. Its goal is to bring international musicologists, historians and sociologists and their research together and to encourage further studies. In addition to an initial overview on competitions in 19th century music culture, the phaenomenon will be theoretically examined and embedded into the interdisciplinary research discourse on questions concerning competitiveness.

27. - 29. März 2020


LUCCA, , Complesso Monumentale di San Micheletto
27-29 March 2020

 Keynote Speakers:
• Barry Cooper (University of Manchester)
• William Kinderman (University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign)
Beethoven’s impact is widely recognised as of seemingly universal, timeless significance; 250 years since his birth his music still communicates with and inspires people across the globe. Nevertheless his iconic, enduring oeuvre  stems from a specific European cultural milieu and historical context. To what extent does the tension between the universality and particularity of Beethoven’s music give rise to a richer understanding of his music and its reception  history? Beethoven’s creative inspiration was nurtured in the European context of revolution and political reshaping, at the aesthetic turning-point from Enlightenment to Romanticism, and at the social turning-point from largely private patronage to a more market-orientated environment for composers.

4. Juli 2019

17. Arbeitstagung der Konferenz der Einrichtungen für Frauen- und Geschlechterstudien im deutschsprachigen Raum“ (KEG), 3./4. Juli 2019, FernUniversität in Hagen

AG Gleichstellungspolitik und Gender Studies an Kunsthochschulen und -universitäten mit dem Thema: Gender-Lehre

4. Juli 2019, 10-11.30 Uhr

Programm: https://www.genderkonferenz.eu/downloads/2019/Abstracts_KEG_2019.pdf

Bei der Fortsetzung der AG Gleichstellungspolitik und Gender Studies an Kunsthochschulen und -universitäten im Juli 2019 ist geplant, das Thema der Gender-Lehre (Gender-Studiengänge, Gender-Lehrveranstaltungen etc.) an Kunsthochschulen und -universitäten im deutschsprachigen Raum in den Mittelpunkt zu stellen. Es soll in erster Linie ein Austausch darüber stattfinden, in welcher Weise Gender-Lehre resp. Gender Studies an den jeweiligen Hochschulen verankert sind, d.h. als Pflicht-, Wahlpflichtfächer oder als freie Wahlfächer. Damit sind neben Gleichstellungs- oder Frauenbeauftragten auch Kolleginnen und Kollegen aus den Bereichen der Lehre und Forschung angesprochen.

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